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NOTE: only one abstract as presenting author can be submitted

Abstract submission deadline: 29 October 2010


Abstracts must be submitted online.Click here to submit your abstract.
For questions regarding the online submission process, please e-mail:

• Please follow the instructions on the screen.
• When finished with the on-line submission, it is imperative to click the «submit» button for final submission of the abstract; a message will then appear informing you that the abstract has been registered successfully. The abstract submitter will receive an e-mail confirming successful submission of the abstract. This confirmation of abstract receipt is NOT a notice of acceptance of your abstract.
• In case no confirmation from ESTRO is received, the abstract submitter should contact within one week after submission of the abstract.
• Submitting an abstract for presentation does not constitute registration for the conference. Abstract presenters must register to attend the conference by following the instructions for online registration (
• Once the abstract is submitted, changes, corrections or rewording are possible until 29 October 2010.
After this date changes are not possible. Careful typing and proofreading are essential, as the abstract will be published as submitted.

 • The presenting author is obliged to ascertain that all authors are aware of the content of the abstract before submission to ESTRO.
• The presenter and co-authors must identify any financial interest in products or processes described in the abstract.
• In submitting an abstract, the authors accept that the information to be reported is for exclusive presentation in the session to which the abstract will be assigned if accepted. This information should not be presented at a commercially sponsored satellite symposium.
• Abstracts must be submitted and presented at the conference in English.
• Notification of receipt and acceptance will be sent only to the abstract submitter

a. General information
Authors will be asked to select the following:

1. Topic category: choose the topic category that refers to the main subject of the abstract. The Scientific Committee reserves the right to re-categorise the abstract.
2. Presentation preference: authors should indicate the presentation preference (oral, poster or no preference).
Please note that the final decision on the presentation format will be made by the Scientific Committee
3. Keywords: authors are required to provide 1 to 3 keywords (different from category).

b. Abstract format
• Abstracts titles should be brief and reflect the content of the abstract. The title (max. 100 characters) is important since it focuses attention (it is the “showcase” for the presentation). Do not use capital letters in the title except for words that are always capitalised and do not use non-standard abbreviations.
• Abstracts should be structured in such a way as to include (1) Purpose/ Objective; (2) Material/methods; (3) Results (4) Conclusion.
• The use of standard abbreviations is desirable. A special or unusual abbreviation must be placed (in round brackets) after the first appearance of the word for which it stands.
• The on-line abstract submission procedure will not accept abstracts that exceed 2500 characters, excluding spaces (body of the abstract).
• Authors can include only one figure, (only JPG files are accepted), table or black/white illustration (maximum width 7 cm). Colour illustrations will be printed in black/white in the abstract book.
• Equations can be inserted in the text as images or via option ‘Add formula’.
• The preferred font is Verdana 7.

Abstracts submitted for presentation will be reviewed by an international panel of experts in the field of the subject.
The abstract will anonymised before review to ensure fairness and eliminate possible bias. Do not include author names or institutions in the body of the abstract. Abstract review criteria are based on clarity, supporting data, scientific rigour, potential significance, interest in the topic chosen, and innovation or usefulness. Research obviously not yet performed, and results not yet obtained will be banned. Abstracts will be selected for one of the following presentation formats:

Oral presentation
The abstract is selected for oral presentation at any of the proffered paper sessions.

Poster presentation
The abstract is selected for presentation in a poster format. Posters are grouped by topic and are displayed throughout the meeting. Abstracts selected for oral and/or poster presentation should be presented at the meeting. If a selected presenting author cannot attend, he should assign a replacement and inform the ESTRO office of the replacement as soon as possible.

Scoring system on new dose limits
Modelling and prediction of normal tissue response
(Chemo) radiation-induced cardio / vascular effects
Effects of biological modifiers on normal tissue tolerance (amelioration / exacerbation)
Radiation effects on specific organs / tissue
Volume effects on tolerance
Functional Imaging of normal tissue dose response




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